One Family
          One Focus
          One Plan

What is Wraparound?


Wraparound is a process which develops and carries out plans for children, individuals and their families who have very complex needs.  Families who have used traditional services may find Wraparound helpful in meeting the family's identified needs.


The Wraparound process is implemented with the involvement of those people important to the family.


Wraparound improves the lives of families by building on their strengths.  It encourages them to make helpful, caring connections in the community.  The Wraparound process ensures that services are focused on the needs of the individual and his or her family.


Key Elements of Wraparound


Based on strengths of the individual and the family

Unconditional support

Community based

Community owned

Community supports working together

Family voice encouraged

Access to flexible funding

Outcomes measured and evaluated


What can I expect?


A Team facilitator works with the family to identify four to ten people who know the family best.  People involved can be family members, a minister, a close friend, a coach, or others that are natural supports to the family, along with agency personnel.  These people form a family team.  The team works together to achieve the goals chosen by the family.


The individual family has:


A choice about the services they receive

A voice in the manner in which they receive services

Ownership of decisions that affect their lives


The facilitator, trained in the Wraparound process, is responsible for keeping the team focused on the family's goals.  The family works with the facilitator to ensure the plan is right for them.


How is this different?


The family directs the plan

The plans developed are flexible and unique to each family

Plans that do not meet the needs of the family are changed


The Family and Children First Council guides the Service Coordination/Wraparound process in our community.  This Council includes parents, service providers, business leaders, and community representatives.  The Family and Children First Council is committed to developing a strong working partnership with the local community and its members.